Vinyasa Flow – 75 min class.  This is an all levels class, great for beginners while also offering a challenge for the more advanced yogi. This dynamic, strengthening asana practice is rooted in the teachings of Patanjalis yoga sutras. The practice allows for creative, intelligent flows drawn from the foundational practice of surya namaskar A&B. You can expect the teacher to offer instruction to guide you on proper alignment with each posture while encouraging presence through the breath. The ultimate goal is to bring the practitioner back into alignment with the body, mind and spirit connection.  This will cultivate a ripe environment within the body for healing, rejuvenation, renewed energy and strength. A consistent practice will assist the practitioner in gaining an understanding of the 8 limbs of yoga and how the ancient techniques of ujaii pranayama tied to movement produce a transformative fire within where this transformative fire is capable of rippling into all areas of the yogis life.


Yin Yoga – 75 min class (60 min of asana practice and 15 min of guided deep relaxation meditation).  Is the opposite of Vinyasa yoga (a yang or energetic practice) Yin is a restorative practice where we slow everything way down in an effort to find solace and peace in the mind and return to our natural state of being. In this natural state of being the body opens up the meridians or energy channels within the body clearing away old emotions, toxins or build up that are currently blocking the flow of chi or prana (the bodies vital life force). In this practice we tend to have long holds in a pose (sometimes up to 5 minutes) this gives time for the body to relax the muscle tissue providing the opportunity to bring the stretch into the connective tissue. We will end the practice with a 15 min guided, deep relaxation savasana.