What Do You Want?

November 5, 2017

Have you ever experienced in your personal life or in your interactions with others that sometimes, you do not know what you really want but it seems that all you want is the opposite of the other person’s wanting.

This can be a personal relationship, business interactions, casual interactions with others, political views or any other occasion that an individual may have an opportunity to express their views. This escalates to be habitual and very soon it becomes a habit of constantly being argumentative and looking for opportunities to hold the opposing views.

It will be comical that when you notice this behavior to ask the other person; “What do You really want?”. You will find out soon that the answer is; “I do not know, but I want whatever that is opposite of what you or others want”.

Our daily attitude and energetic behavior toward life is mainly divided to 4 categories:


  1. YOU ARE HAPPY AND WANT TO BE HAPPY: This is our universal default and it is great to be at this state. Disease can not exist at this level since you can not find Dis-Ease in Ease which comes from happiness and joy of being at this high energetic vibration. It seems as you have no body and you enjoy every moment of life to the fullest. You are inspired at all times. Throu said; “our greatest moments are when we live our dreams awake”. When you are at this state, stay in it, milk it to the maximum and promote it so you can be the lighthouse for others. Do not listen to anyone and do not change anything.!


  1. YOU ARE HAPPY AND WANT TO BE UNHAPPY: This is easy and it appears to be the path of least resistance for many due to their wrong conditioning and adopting to the environment. Listen to negative news, gossip, be hateful and jealous, cheat and lie, want less for others than for yourself, watch soap operas and talk negatively about things and more. Very quickly you will find yourself to have less reasons to be happy and you will find more and more things to be unhappy about.


  1. YOU ARE UNHAPPY AND WANT TO BE UNHAPPY: The universe and flow of nature is based on ease of flow and energy. Any kind of Dis-ease is considered to be going upstream and is not congruent with the flow of universe. Since happiness comes with fluency of the energy, unhappiness stems from the dis-ease and discomfort of experiencing life. So one may say that being unhappy is not considered to be the norm, so our interpretation of that unhappy experience will eventually correct itself to continue with the natural flow of happiness. The first step to correct this misalignment is to simply and humbly remain to be unhappy if you believe that it is what you want. The ease of getting what you want will encourage you to be happy about it and will eventually turn you around back to your natural state of default of happiness. Sometimes the best way to allow the irritation to pass is not resisting it by remaining in that state of irritation without resistance to allow it to correct itself.


  1. YOU ARE UNHAPPY AND WANT TO BE HAPPY: This is when you are ready to do what is needed. To learn and to move forward to be out of the box. To stop acting per what is expected per the environment and to act beyond it to grow. The steel has been folded many times through the heat and cold to be as strong and sharp as needed to cut through anything. This is when you recognize how blessed you are to have gained this profound experience of unhappiness preparing you for your optimum goal of happiness. At this stage the student is ready and at each corner of his/her path a teacher will appear with pleasant and profound lessens that were never apparent before. This is the state of bliss that you recognize that your only goal is to remain happy and will no longer seek any reasons to be otherwise.


So ask yourself again with this new understanding; “What Do I Really Want?”.

Alex Abossein,

InnerFit, Oasis For Perfect Health