pls174Master Alex lives martial arts as a way of life. Martial arts teach focus and fearlessness. Our deepest motivations and feelings originate from love or fear. And the eradication of this fear brings focus in your work or business as well as personal life. When fearless, you will accomplish your goals anxiety free – with a disciplined mind of strength and calm that transfers to all aspects of life.

After 32 years of martial arts, meditation and focus training in Shaolin tiger style, Alex Abossein became one of the 7 masters in the US and Canada in 2005. His dedication to promoting the mind and body training of this amazing art – for all aspects of personal, professional, and spiritual life, inspired him to be the founder of InnerFit Academy of Temple Kung Fu (AOTKF) in 2007. Alex studied under Grandmaster Simon, Academy of Temple Kung Fu originator. Temple Kung Fu opened 10 locations between the Canada and U.S. When Grand Master Simon retired, Master Alex developed the InnerFit Academy in the same style, though the original group changed their martial arts system.

Master Alex is a passionate proponent of healthful motivation. “Make sure you are doing this for health. The main thing is to clean up the mind. Understanding at the energy level you are designed to be joyful and happy. This makes you 100% efficient and this works everything out,” he says. Master Alex was inspired to create elements of the old Tiger Shaolin style in YoChi, because he believes one needs to eventually bring mind body balance. “We run YoChi programs for mind and body – and a program for physical fitness that’s separate. In line with InnerFit’s philosophy of perfect internal health, YoChi and Martial arts create harmony between mind and body,” he says. “I think we have been conditioned to believe that our thoughts are secondary, and we experience the physical first. In fact, our goal is to bring awareness and attention to our thoughts first. YoChi and Martial Arts promote bravery – fearful thoughts create weakness. Our greatest purpose is to bring awareness because we are born with brilliance. Yet somehow our default belief became what society teaches us. This does not help us live life to full purpose and capacity. Joy and peace are our default states. They are synonymous when we live in harmony. And when we are in this state perfect health is the only possible outcome. As we go to the physical, detox level, our A-Z transformational programs covers re-directs the thoughts back to universal default, joy and peaceful thoughts. whatever materializes next is secondary! So Whatever want to create and experience they will. *For further rumination on Master Alex’s teachings, visit our blog here.