The Source of the Source

September 16, 2017

When we see ourselves as a separate drop of the ocean; we become lonely, disconnected, scared, egoistic, loveless, a tyrant and ungrateful. When we see ourselves as an ocean in a drop; we become compassionate, connected to all, secure, loving, joyful and peaceful.

Since a lot of our behavior stems from how we view ourselves in this universe, this is dedicated to my 10 year old son “Ayden” whom asked the question “the source of the source” and walked away unsatisfied with his teacher’s response that “You just have to have faith”.

A good answer, but what does it mean? A thought after thought after thought…., creates the “Faith”. So in order to investigate faith, we must examine each thought that was used to generate the faith. However, where did that thought come from. Was it developed internally without any external references or was it a thought that you had learned from other sources outside of you. If it came from an outside source then, is this your faith or their faith. Also, when you were given this thought, was that offered to you with the option for you to choose, or was it forced as your only option to accept and follow.

So when we say “Just Have Faith”, it will mean totally different to different people. Faith can save many and create miracles or it can destroy many and abolish nations.

So if faith can not answer this question then what would. It reminds me of the story that; “the monk went to his master and said; master, I have been to synagogues, churches, mosques, monasteries, temples and solitudes and can not find god. His master smiled and said you will never find god because it is a discovery once you discover it within yourself there will be no place that you will not find god”.

So “Faith” changes to “Discovery” and source is the source regardless of how you identify it. But “Where did it come from?”.

The best way to explain that is this. If I ask you a simple question that you know now but you did not know before, like what is 10×10, it is 100. So simple and yet the answer present itself so easily. Now, go back a few years to the time that you did not know what 10×10 was.  Put yourself at that time and ask the same question with the knowledge that you had at that time. It would have been unimaginable, confusing and chaotic to even think that two numbers multiplied by each other would have some kind of result, never less be a number that you can guess right to be 100 and would have some perfect answer that would have been rationally accountable.

As time went by and your knowledge expanded, it led to the point of your discovery that 10 can be multiplied by 10 and it will produce another number that has a meaning and is perfectly accounted for as it equals to 100.

Since our perception and daily training of living is oriented toward our physical experiences, it will be difficult to find a non-physical source through physical experiences. Indeed, the option would be to have faith with prerequisite of discovery. Finding the source of the source requires looking from the eye of an I.

According to many Near Death Experiences (NDE) of individuals whom had been able to come back; “we gain a 360 degrees vision of all that is possible without a physical body”. “We see another dimension that we usually choose to ignore due to the loss of power through ego with distracted focus for the physical body”. “We recognize our true essence of freedom as we interpret that to be unconditional love and experience instant creation in absence of time”.

AND, at this state of being, with this knowledge and discovery, we can easily answer how all started and see that all is well and there is an amazing order, harmony and structure in the universe as is in 10×10=100. Only then we discover, appreciate and develop faith for that source that beats our hearts. AND, no longer will search for the source of the source as a child feeling totally content in the mother’s arms with no desire to search where the mother came from.

One may say, there are not enough dimensions in language to be able to describe “the source of the source”.
Rumi said: “Although I may try to describe love, when I experience it, I am speechless”.

Alex Abossein,
InnerFit, Oasis For Perfect Health