Is Sweat Produced from an Infrared Sauna Different than Through Exercise?

August 12, 2017

The sweat produced by your body acts as a cooling agent whether you are subject to hot conditions, such as being in a sauna or you are generating the heat itself as through exercise. While the chemical composition of sweat remains relatively the same, there are certain differences between sweating in an infrared sauna and creating your own sweat through exercise.

The Purpose of Sweating

The primary job of sweating is to cool the body and prevent the core temperature from rising. When you exercise or sit in a sauna, your body will start to heat up which activates the sweat glands that cover your body. In addition to cooling, some toxins are also removed from the body as well. While the primary detoxification is performed by the liver and kidneys, there are toxins located near the surface of the skin which can be removed by sweating.

In addition, sweating can improve the complexion by opening the pores and allowing the skin to sluff off the dirt and oils that otherwise cause issues. A good sweat can help clear up the skin, especially when combined with a shower after completing the sauna which washes away the dirt and toxins from the skin.

Why Infrared Saunas are Better that Exercise for Sweating

Sweat that is generated by the infrared sauna works differently compared to exercise, a traditional sauna, or in a hot environment. This is because the infrared light penetrates the skin and reaches beyond the epidermal layer into the fat and muscles cells of the body. The heat that is generated taps into the areas below the skin which helps the body to release the toxins inside and to sweat more productively.

Keep in mind that infrared light is not like ultraviolet or UV light which causes harm to the skin. Infrared light does no damage, but it does generate heat. The heat that is created is not from the surface of the skin, but from deeper inside so that it taps into muscles and fat cells. The result is that you can relax and generate a healthy sweat that does more than just cool the body. The advantages that the infrared sauna has over exercise in terms of sweating are as follows;

  • Relaxing Experience
  • More Toxins Released
  • No Strain, Pulls, or Other Muscle Injuries

This means that you do not have to exert yourself to get a good sweat when using an infrared sauna. Furthermore, the benefits also include improving the complexion and relieving certain types of pain. While exercise is certainly good for you and recommended to keep you in shape and your weight under control, the infrared sauna excels at releasing toxins from under the skin.

A good, healthy sweat that is generated by the infrared sauna has been recommended by naturopathic doctors who see the value in heating up areas of the body underneath the skin without having to exercise. This means that there are solid advantages to using the infrared sauna for healthier living and a better state of being.