“Renouncing The Reason”!

January 28, 2018

Thomas Paine said; “ To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead”.

Most of us may have experienced to be the person who had lost his/her sense of reasoning at times or we have had involvements with arguing with someone who seemed to have lost their sense of reasoning. When the preconceived ideas, judgments and opinions are already formed, creating a wall of resistance that is unbreakable, the sound of reason is no longer being heard.

Most parents can attest to the experience with their children and teenagers stomping their feet, wanting what they want at the time and not being receptive to the sound of reason guiding them in a different direction. When the premature echo of the verdict becomes the dominant thought, “reason” can no longer be explored.

The wise reaches “acceptance” by allowing reason to flourish and be explored without discrimination and preconceived notions. At the same time, when we are faced with an undesirable condition that we can not change and are puzzled by “why?” it has happened, the vibrational hierarchy to joy and peace requires us to have “acceptance” first in order to be able to understand the “Reasons”. This is required in order to allow understanding under the experienced frustration and anger without renouncing the reason.

Reason is simple explanation of all the basis and steps that simplifies understanding and
logic of some actions or belief or event or fact that may appear to be hidden and not apparent to some. When reason is absent, confusion becomes apparent. When reason is lost, misunderstanding conquers. In reality, lack of proper reason may give each of us the justification and illusion of being morally and ethically just and right, in order to take certain actions necessary, even when we could be totally at fault.

Without reason, we may be totally at fault but yet thinking that we are totally justified. So, if reason is the key to answer all questions and brings understanding to all misunderstandings, then why are there disputes and confrontations when unlimited sources of reasons are being presented?

Reason can only be justified under special circumstances and timing and under certain events only apparent and justifiable to the person processing the reasoning.  A little toddler’s pants dropped in the mall and she closed her eyes. Her mom ran over and pulled up her pants and said; “why did you close your eyes instead of pulling up your pants?”. She responded; “I did not want anyone to see me”.
As silly as it may sound that someone’s reasoning is that they can close their eyes to avoid others seeing them, it is that individual’s reality that makes that reason justifiable and real enough to believe and to act upon. So under what condition our reasoning passes beyond being a personal interpretation and becomes a universal default and an absolute reasoning justifying all questionings.

Contrary to what was assumed before, most recent studies through Heart Math Organization and others have shown that the frequency of heart is several times more than the brain, Also, the idea that our brain decides first and sends a signal to the rest of the body has been challenged. There is something energetically happening as our first response before all of that at the heart level where we symbolically relate to it as a place where love and compassion reside.

Our heart directs us first in many ways that the brain will never understand. If our heart has been referred to as the source of compassion and love, then dealing with a person who has renounced the use of reason can only be done universally through Compassion, until they become secure enough to allow the sound of reason to come back.

Alex Abossein,
InnerFit, Oasis For Perfect Health