The Raindrop massage technique is the creation of Young Living founder and CEO D. Gary Young who has drawn on his experiences with Lakota wellness traditions.  Our resident massage therapist Theresa Lee has studied to offer this wonderfully relaxing treatment to InnerFit Bellevue clients.


This massage technique differs from a traditional aromatherapy massage in that it focuses on the feet and back only, making it a great alternative to having their whole body massage, without sacrificing the experience a relaxing treatment.  The massage techniques used include (but not limited too) vita-flex, reflexology and feather stroke, the treatment actually got its name from the application of the oils to the back where little drops are applied from about 6 inches above the skin.

Essential Oils

Nine individual oils and blends are used directly on the body using specialized massage techniques for each application, first to the feet and then to the back.  The oils are undiluted when applied enhancing the effects of each one making this a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating and relaxing experience.

The benefits you can expect from this treatment are:  increase in energy and stamina, elevation in your mood, release of stress especially in the back and a release of toxins to name a few.

It’s important to note there are contra-indications to receiving this massage please ask what these are when making your appointment.