Ocean In A Drop!

September 16, 2017

There is a simple secret to happiness, unconditional love and compassion that is so obvious but yet many of us never discover it. We are born with it and somehow we redirect from its path.

It reminds me of the thief who followed a diamond merchant on a train and stayed all day and night near him trying to steal his diamond to no success. At the end of the trip he said; diamond merchant, I am a thief and I have been trying to steal your diamond all this time and knew that you had one but I could not find it, “where did you hide it?”. The diamond merchant smiled and reached inside the thief’s pocket and said; “I hid it inside your own pocket because I knew you will never look there”. The secret of our joy, happiness, love and compassion is hidden inside where we rarely look for it there. Remember that; “you have no issues you only think you do” (the course in miracle).

When we see ourselves as a drop of the ocean, we feel insignificant looking for our inadequacy and existence and our place in this universe. We want to become the ocean and search, evaluate and compare ourselves with other drops hoping that one day we become the ocean. This becomes a constant struggle to evaluate and compare ourselves with others. We go to extremes to estimate and equate ourselves with constantly being unsatisfied.

Since we can never be the ocean and the concept has fundamental fallacy, we will never be satisfied regardless of how much we try to make ourselves a bigger drop of this ocean by gaining more money, fame, power, prestige, beauty and more and by comparing ourselves to other drops.

Miraculously, somehow we become tired of this struggle and finally realize that we are not a drop of the ocean but instead “we are the entire ocean in a drop” as Rumi had noted with all its power and perfection. It is same as our physical gene which carries many of our parent’s physical features yet it is so small and hidden at conception.

Once we discover this, we seize all searches and inquires since we no longer have the desire to search for our inadequacies to find our place in this universe as we are finally complete at peace. With this knowledge, every day becomes a new day of enjoyment of this beautiful experience we call life.

When you see yourself as “the entire ocean in a drop”, you realize that there is nothing missing and all is well.
You will choose JOY at every opportunity that life provides. You recognize that you have the power at the space that exists between each thought and your action that allows you to elect wisely. You realize that HAPPINESS is a byproduct of your choice and you will return to your essence of loving without conditions.

Alex Abossein,
InnerFit, Oasis For Perfect Health