February 11, 2018

We have all experienced at least one magical moment in our lives that it seems that all obstructions cease to exist and it is impossible not to reach what has been desired. Like the moment that the basketball, the hoop and the player all are in perfect alignment and no longer the distance to the hoop, our physical sight , the defenders blocking, the conditions of the field have any importance in making the perfect score.

It seems that magnetically we are drawn to that goal and like a bulldog with a tire, it will be impossible to give it up.

That magical moment is our first taste of the power of intention. Intention is when all that we know as being us and all the power that we question whether we can have it or not, become aligned in harmony to accomplish what is desired. It is that power that no longer allows excuses to be justified nor be heard and whatever has been intended must triumph.

True intentions create whatever action that may be necessary to materialize things. In a way, our reality is a reflection of our intentions. Intention comes from deep within that its purity and wholesomeness can only be questioned by the soul.

When the intention is aligned with all that we believe it to be us, it manifests and when this alignment is not present, we fail to accomplish it.

We are born with clarity to intend and materialize and somehow we become derailed from that path by maturing to live more from habits and less out of intentions. When we flirt with an idea, we usually give attention to it without having any intention to yield any results. When we intend to accomplish something we focus our attention to produce satisfactorily results.

How can we detect lack of alignment of all that is needed to assure success and practice refinement of our intentions?

Since intention requires action to implement it; detecting confusion about our intention and the determination for commitment to its execution, evaluation of what must be required and/or exchanged in order to accomplish it must be evaluated before the intention has been set.

“By banishing doubt and trusting your intuitive feeling, you clear a space for the power of intention to flow through”- Wayne Dyer

Clarity about our intention stems from the following self-evaluations as its prerequisites:

  • What is my expectation and priority about this intent and what needs do I have?
  • What will be required from me to pay my most attention to and what will be missed from my attention since my intention will require me to be consumed with this main focus for proper implementation as my priority?
  • What is important to me that will be considered to be a positive move in order for my intention to be carried out? (For example, if I intend to keep a relationship alive, then proving the other person to be wrong over a distressed point may no longer be the priority.)Alex Abossein,
  • InnerFit, Oasis For Perfect Health
  • Every INTENTION will be manifested exactly as planned only when ATTENTION and FOCUS are teamed up with DETERMINATION in harmony.