Improves Texture and Tone, Dull Skin and Sun Damage, smoothing out the appearance and texture of stretch marks and acne 

Book a Microdermabrasion treatment to reduce signs of aging on your skin!

During this procedure, our master estheticians will wield a diamond-edged wand to remove unwanted layers of dead skin cells from your face. The treatment results in instant boost in blood circulation and increased production of collagen. Microdermabrasion is clinically proven to treat the following:

  • sun-damaged skin
  • acne and related scarring issues
  • dull skin tone
  • mature, patchy, or imbalanced skin
  • Congested skin, especially preventing and resolving blackheads

Microdermabrasion stimulates a matrix of collagen production to improve the look and texture of the skin, improving the appearance of your face. This treatment literally shakes off dead skin cells!

This is an improvement over the conventional aluminum crystals and the next-generation microdermabrasion treatment that uses a diamond-encrusted tip. This new treatment is called soft peeling – like a cheese slicer – it doesn’t scratch or cut, it gently shaves the skin.

The procedure is suitable for virtually most skin types. Putting your skin in our hands so we may help reveal your brilliant younger skin. This hassle-free treatment erases the stress off your skin.