The Power lift – Refresh and Charge Your Skin with this non-surgical facelift. Tackle Dark Circles, Acne, and More! 

A Microcurrent beauty treatment lifts, tightens, and contours the face. It also benefits and improves dark circles, wrinkle reducing, pigment variations, acne, and other common skin problems.

This treatment is like taking your face to the Gym!

Application of micro currents results in bio-stimulation of facial skin for 21 days. Our machine is unique in that we do a special detox procedure that enhances this treatment past the functioning power of other Micro current procedures.

The initial deep detoxification of the cells happens in three phases:

  • A detox procedure takes our treatment a step above, because the skin now has more room to absorb and drive nutrients into the skin.
  • We next nourish the skin with skin altering botanicals.
  • Application of intense micro current lift for your facial muscles to stimulate all the senses of your skin and muscles.

This revolutionary skin treatment care will amaze and delight! Book a session today!

If you seek more dramatic results, you may request customized combinations in layering treatments or choosing from a variety of “add on services”.