Anticipate Good Things!

January 28, 2018

Entertain yourself with this simple exercise to see who you truly are on the inside and how you view the world.

Take a few minutes to quiet your mind and walk outside, away from disturbances. Look at a tree or a flower from a few feet away. Just observe quietly. Now, continue looking at the same view but start anticipating something good is happening. No need to be specific what it is, just anticipate something good is going to happen and keep that thought for a while by repeating it quietly in your mind.

After a while you will notice an amazing transformation. Most people will notice that; their vision will expand, their head opens up, their body relaxes, the depth and beauty of what they were looking at before magnifies, they notice much more details that was not apparent before, they feel joy and appreciation of their state of being that was not there before, the foggy glasses of looking at life gets replaced with crystal clear clarity and beauty that was not being noticed before. They will no longer notice the difference between a bush or a flower; only beauty, calmness, appreciation for this state of being and this experience of being present at now.

This is the state that we were created to be at all times. A state of bliss. The comfort of knowing that all is well. That the universe’s default is always good.

The state of be and it is that we can manifest all that is desired, since there are no resistance, just going down the river with the flow. This is the state of ease that dis-ease can not exist in.

At this state we realize that we are spiritual beings having physical experiences and not physical beings tired of all the daily stresses reaching to anything possible that will give us relief by forgetting how fearful and stressful we live at every moment of our lives. This is the state of Zen, where we become the citizen’s of the present and are no longer the hostage of our pasts, nor chained by the fear of future.

It reminds me of the story that; a yogi was sitting quietly in a corner mediating and smiling. The villagers came and complained to him that how could you possibly be sitting in this corner with all the famine, war, hate, poverty, filth and struggle meditating and smiling to be at such peace. He said: “In my world nothing ever goes wrong”. Imagine such a power and confidence to be able to act independent from opinion of others.  

To be the one who dares to view the world from the same angle that our creator does. Indeed, that is the moment when the promise of that future comes when we believe that it will come just the way we want it.

Once we realize that, there are no amount of exploring sickness that will bring health. No amount of focusing on poverty that will bring prosperity. No amount of strategizing anti war methods that will bring peace and no amount of resisting fear that will allow us to be loving, we realize that the promise of future must come when we anticipate good things happening. The wellness comes when we are thrilled about its pending. The prosperity comes when we allow it to attract that polarity before seeing its physical evidence.

The beauty you see in me is a reflection of you”. – Rumi

The future comes exactly the way that the promise of future is anticipated. ANTICIPATE GOOD THINGS!.


Alex Abossein,

InnerFit, Oasis For Perfect Health